This Police Officer Likes To Paint — Oh, And He’s Also A Horse

04.08.15 4 years ago

As you wander through life you’ll find yourself coming across several interests, and those interests might steer you into a career, or you might have to put one or two on your back burner, hoping one day you’ll be able to attend to that nagging ache to DJ a club or trade stocks on Wall Street. Not Jacob. He does want he wants.

Jacob is a St. Petersburg, FL police horse who patrols the streets at night in search of miscreants but, by day, Jacob is an accomplished artist, smacking a paintbrush along a canvas until the shapes form themselves. Okay. Maybe he’s not accomplished, but give it time.

Jacob’s officer human noticed that Jacob liked putting things in his mouth, so he gave him a brush and Jacob went to town. His skills are still in development, but cop-by-night, painter-by-day seems like a TV show waiting for the green light.

Source: The Daily Dot

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