This Poor Stoner Lost His Job After Becoming First To Legally Buy Weed In Spokane, Washington

See that fun loving homeboy up there sporting the slick tie-dye? Well his name is Mike Boyer of Spokane, Washington, and this may come as a surprise you you, but Mike is a marijuana user. Mike was super excited to be a part of history earlier this week by being the first person in Spokane to legally purchase recreational marijuana, so he camped outside of Green Leaf — Spokane’s first dispensary opening for business — for nineteen hours. He even came up with some awesome chants like this one: “What do we want? Marijuana! When do we want it? 2 p.m.!

Being the awesome guy he is, Mike soon attracted the attention of other stoners who joined him in line, and eventually news crews, who made him a local celebrity. If you need further explanation as to his celebrity status, let me direct you to this interview snippet, via Vocativ:

“I brought my surplus army sleeping bag and bedroll. I brought my Doritos and Mountain Dew. I was stylin’!” Boyer says. To dress for the festive mood, he also sported his favorite Liquid Blue tie-dye T-shirt. “I’ve been rockin’ it for about 12 years now,” he says.

When Green Leaf finally opened, Mike’s efforts were rewarded with 2 grams of legally purchased Sour Kush, and as it turned out, losing his job — after some narc client who saw him on the news went and snitched to his boss. In a real Gift of the Magi situation, now Mike has the legal ability to buy weed, but no job to pay for it. Still, he’s not going to let that get him down:

“Yeah, it was kind of a buzzkill,” he says. “But I wasn’t going to let it ruin an awesome day.”

Boyer has put his resume on Craigslist with the amaaaazing headline “LOST MY JOB! still #1 tho!!,” so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before someone hires this hero. I’m sure a few of Spokane’s new dispensaries could use a customer service and/or security professional. I want ALL of the good things for this guy.

(Vocativ via Gawker)