This Pro-Choice Couple Trolled Anti-Abortionists With Some Clever Signs Of Their Own

On certain Saturday mornings, instead of watching cartoons and ingesting dangerous amounts of cereal-flavored sugar like the average American, Grayson Haver Currin and his wife Tina protest alongside pro-lifers at a clinic in Cary, North Carolina. Except their signs don’t read “babies are murdered here” — they say nonsense like “I Like Turtles” and “Bring Back Crystal Pepsi.” And then they keep track of their counter-protests on Saturday Chores. Let Grayson explain, via the Daily Dot.

There’s no big-box hardware store very close to where we live, so we were driving toward a suburb of Raleigh called Cary, which runs over with strip malls. We were getting supplies for a garden box. We both grew up not too far away, and we’ve seen the clinic in question hundreds of times. But for some reason, on this morning in particular…I suggested that we make a sign that said ‘Weird Hobby’ and point at one of the protestors. (Via)

Here’s some of their work.

Via Saturday Chores