This Proud Man Unclogged A Moroccan Street Sewer With His Bare Hands

The residents of the Moroccan city of Rabat found themselves in a bit of a kerfuffle recently as one of their streets was on the verge of a very big flood. While it looked like rain might have been the culprit, one heroic citizen known simply as “Allal” took it upon himself to rectify the situation.

Shared by redditor @Najivdv12, the above video shows this hero stripped down to his skivvies and repeatedly diving into the quickly spreading sewage to stop the street from flooding further. After clearing rock debris and unblocking the clog in question, he took the opportunity to pose for pictures as the fetid water drained to the sewers below.

Here’s a piece of advice, Allal: Next time, wear a cape!

(Via Reddit)