This Real-Life 'Up' House Is Here To Take You Away

Thanksgiving, a time to go home, a time to be with family, a time when you may wish you could tie balloons to yourself and float right out of the room. Come on, you can admit it — you’re among friends here.

Well, Jonathan Trappe knows a thing or two about tying balloons to himself. He does stunts with large clusters of helium balloons for a living, and he recently recreated the flying house scenes from Pixar’s Up. Hit the jump for some lighter than air pics…

Just make sure to check the porch for boy scouts…

So yeah, this Thanksgiving as family rifts form over the last of the stuffing or you’re being asked for the thousandth time if you’re planning on getting married any time soon, just close your eyes and imagine yourself soaring above the clouds in your balloon house. Ahhhhhhhh. Have a good turkey day folks.

via Geekologie