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03.25.10 4 Comments

Must be lava taco night.

Possible future Darwin Award winner and all-around awesome dude Colin Furze attached a flamethrower to the back of his scooter (pics and video below).  His first version wouldn’t work when the scooter was moving (unacceptable), and the second version “kept setting fire to itself”.  Instead of taking that as a hint, Colin made a third version, pictured here.  He presses a button on the handlebars to shoot out a flame of up to 15 feet, and there’s even a lever to adjust the direction of the flames.

He’s been told that his scooter isn’t street legal (Injustice!) and will be deemed a firearm if he uses it on a public road, so he said, “it’s a lot of fun and I’ll use it off road”.  No, really, that’s what he said.  Because when you’re one prototype past the version that kept setting itself on fire, of course you’re going to drive it on bumpy, improvised paths near heavily-wooded areas.  Shine on, you beautiful, crazy diamond.

[pictures via Telegraph and DVICE]

UPDATE: Colin Furze has been arrested on a firearms charge after police saw newspaper photos of his scooter operating on a public road. [Telegraph]

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