This Teen Is Facing Prison Time For Giving His Teacher A Pot Cookie

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A student in Birmingham, Mich. could be facing 10 years in prison after he gave his teacher a pot cookie.

The teacher was not aware that the cookie was drugged, and when he started feeling ill, he was taken to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital. He was not kept at the hospital for long, but he stayed home for the rest of the week, returning to school on Monday.

Police have not released the name of the teenager yet, but they have stated that the student does not have a criminal record or a medical marijuana card. Police Commander Terry Kiernan stated that the police department is seeking an arrest warrant for the student now that the toxicology report has come back, but there isn’t an exact timetable on it:

“We’re working on getting the information and hopefully we’ll have a warrant by the first part of next week,” he said Wednesday.

The teenager would likely be charged with food tampering, a felony with a 10-year sentence, and it’s a pretty steep price for seeing your teacher get stoned.

Source: Detroit Free Press