This Teen With Down Syndrome Opening A Letter From College Will Make Your Day

Last December, we all watched with teary eyes and huge smiles as a 20-year old named Rion Holcombe received his acceptance letter from Clemson University’s LIFE program. It was great because Rion has Down Syndrome, and it was incredible to share the moment and watch him smile and laugh as his mom told him that he was going to be a college student. I didn’t think that I’d see anything much better than that heartwarming clip, but today we’ve been re-introduced to 18-year old Noah VanVooren, who also recently opened a very important letter from Edgewood College. His response was a little louder and sure to make you laugh.

As Gawker pointed out, this is the same young man that we met back in October, after he entered a football game as the running back for the Little Chute Mustangs, and he scored the first touchdown of his brief but awesome high school football career.