This Teenage Girl Had An Apesh*t Meltdown Upon Receiving One Direction Tickets

Teenage girls, man. I literally used to be one and hell if I still don’t understand them. Back in my day it was New Kids on the Block, and I remember half-heartedly pretending to be obsessed with them to fit in with my heinous friends. (Although in all honesty I did genuinely kind of have the hots for the Jonathan one, of course.)

So suffice to say, I would have probably not acted accordingly if I had received New Kids on the Block tickets as a child, going by this girl who was gifted with One Direction tickets. If “accordingly” means to scream bloody murder for nearly a minute straight as if you’re being hacked apart by a pickaxe-wielding serial killer while convulsing like you’ve just been possessed by a demon who thinks Harry Styles is super cute, anyway.

It should go without saying, but just as a warning I highly recommend that you turn down the volume on your speakers before attempting to click “play” on this video. It will hurt your ears.

(Via Buzzfeed)