This Video Of Kids Reacting To A Walkman Is Both Depressing And Infuriating

In the latest episode of the Kids React web series, somebody sat down a bunch of kids and handed them an old Walkman to see if they’d know what to do with it, and it’s predictably as depressing and infuriating as you’d think to have a bunch of snot-nosed kids make fun of the technology that most of us grew up with. Yeah, fine, maybe handheld cassette players did kind of suck but MTV was better then and Kurt Cobain was still alive and WE DID JUST FINE, BRATS.

The best is the kid who actually knew what a pair of old school headphones was, saying “I’m such a 90’s kid but I wasn’t born in the 90’s!” My first reaction was like, wait so when were you born then, OH MY GOD. I was sexually active like almost a full decade before that fartknocker was even born. Now that is depressing.