This Photo Of A Mom Breastfeeding On The Toilet Is Sparking Controversy

A photo that went viral this week of a mother breastfeeding her child on the toilet has sparked another dumb controversy of when and how and where a mother should breastfeed her child. Elisha Wilson Beach, wife of actor Michael Beach (T.O. Cross from Sons of Anarchy) posted the above photo to Instagram earlier this week.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the mother of two thought that both her 4-year-old son and 11-month-old daughter were asleep, so she tried to sneak in a bathroom break. As anyone who has ever been a parent to a young child can probably attest, kids often have other ideas.

“She followed me in and created a trail of mess straight to me and was ready for her morning feed and I just said to my husband, ‘Hey, come look at this. You’ve got to see this,’ ” she said. Her husband took a photo showing Beach on the toilet while her daughter was standing up to breastfeed.

“I just wanted to show people real-life like this is what my daily life looks like. I just see so many moms doubting what they do every day or feeling judged, and it’s like the media doesn’t really portray what motherhood is,” she said.

After her photo went viral on Reddit and Facebook, people had serious opinions.

“I’ve gotten ‘You rock, Mom’ ‘I do this every day.’ ‘I’m doing this right now.’ ‘This is my life right now.’ And then I’ve gotten ‘You’re disgusting.’ ‘You have no class.’ ‘You’re a terrible mother,’ ” she said.

All the perfect mothers getting their panties in a wad over another mom breastfeeding her kid on the toilet — which, by the way, was not like she planned it or anything — should probably know that at least half of the people looking at and even “liking” their by contrast flawless photos of parenthood are, in fact, on the toilet. It’s called “multitasking,” and it’s a perfectly normal human function.

(Via Metro)