This Walmart Shoplifter Used The Store’s Motorized Wheelcart As Her Getaway Vehicle

This lovely lady in the above mugshot, 46-year-old Shirley Mason of Fruitport Township, Michigan, was accused of stealing several plastic grocery bags full of clothes from Walmart and then making off using one of the motorized wheelchair carts Walmart provides for the disabled. And if you think that alone took nuts the size of an obese, shaved cat — Mason already had a warrant out for her arrest at the time for an incident that occurred at the same Walmart, earning her second-degree retail fraud and organized retail crime charges.

Not to disagree with her arrest or anything, but I highly doubt that there was anything “organized” about either of her crimes. reports:

The call about the Fruitport case came in around 8:05 p.m. after a customer witnessed Mason leaving the parking lot area on the motorized wheelchair.

She was located nearly two miles away on westbound Barney Street, west of Roberts Street. Police located her sitting on the cart, valued at $1,200, with up to $600 worth of alleged stolen merchandise in bags in her possession.

Mason explained to the police officer that she tried to call for a ride, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone so instead she took the motorized wheelchair “because she didn’t feel like walking,” according to police.

So let me get this straight: A woman was able to make off with several large bags containing $600 of stolen merchandise on Walmart’s very own motorized wheelcart after she attempted to call someone to come pick her up from her shoplifting session. Congratulations, Muskegon County Walmart security, you have officially just retired the YOU HAD ONE JOB meme. Top notch work, guys.

(Via Huffington Post)