A New Website Allows Users To Turn Their Tweets Into Beautiful Poetry

Twitter is a place where, in 140 characters or less, we can express our innermost thoughts. Granted, most of those thoughts include sharing cat videos, commentating on awards shows and questioning your obsession with Chris Pratt, but still, tweeting is an art form and someone is finally recognizing that fact.

Say hello to Poetweet, a new website which basically lets people mash up their Twitter history into lovely, if completely nonsensical, rhymes. Users can choose their favorite lyrical style — sonnets, rondels and indrisos are all available — insert their social handle, sit back and let the site extract their twitter feelings and create a masterpiece.

The site also doesn’t have a problem letting you plug in the handles of some of your favorite celebrities so for fun, I tried it on two of my biggest Twitter idols: Nick Offerman and Mindy Kaling. Hear their genius delivered trippingly on the tongue:

Wood turning, full bush, paint store samples and Jason Reitman. It’s practically Shakespearean.