This Pennsylvania Church Billboard Proclaims That ‘God Loves Sex’

Well here’s a nice change from the usual church billboard that attempts to passive aggressively remind you to attend church or just flat out tells you that you’re going to hell. Restored Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has erected (heheheh) a billboard proclaiming that “god loves sex,” promoting a September series that will feature sermons on sex from the bible’s Song of Solomon.

The sex sermons will apparently focus on taking the shame out of sex, and sex in healthy marriages. But being that Wilkes-Barre isn’t exactly the most progressive of cities, the community response has been largely “HURRRR.” From Wilkes-Barre’s WNEP:

Rich and Joyce Smetana were surprised when they came back to Luzerne County from Arizona to visit family and saw a billboard with what they consider a questionable quote from God.

Rich Smetana told WNEP: “It’s awful strange. You might see something like that in Phoenix, but not here.”

“Thinking maybe it’s advertising the 309 Cinema, but it’s actually advertising a church. I just thought it was a little off the wall,” said Joyce Smetana.

Ahhh yes, that hotbed of sin in Phoenix, Arizona. I mean, I wouldn’t really expect the average resident of Wilkes-Barre to understand, but being that sex has infiltrated every aspect of society and pop culture, a church actually admitting that people are f*cking isn’t the most ludicrous idea ever — which is the point they’re kind of trying to make. Only, you know, without the F-word.