This Woman Attempted To Poison Her Roommates After They Caught Her Having Sex With Their Dogs

It’s hard to imagine that the woman pictured above would be anything less than a perfect gentle-lady, so you’ll have to just temporarily suspend disbelief for a moment. 53-year-old Shari Walters had been living with a woman named Beverly Bradley — along with Bradley’s brother whom she had been dating — when she was caught having sex with one of her roommate’s two male dogs. After being confronted, she reluctantly admitted to regularly having sex with both dogs, at which point the male roommate broke up with her.

And that is when sh*t got really crazy. How much crazier can things get after you catch your roommate having sex with your dog, you ask? Albuquerque’s KOAT7 reports:

While having dinner the night after the encounter, both roommates noticed their food tasted different. One roommate stated that the water wasn’t very clear but drank it anyway.

According to the complaint, Walters then asked her roommate, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

The roommate then stated in the complaint that Walters attacked her and admitted to putting rubbing alcohol in both roommates’ waters, as well as toilet bowl cleaner [as well as dish soap] in their food, because the male roommate broke up with her.

Well thank goodness she’s not good at poisoning, since rubbing alcohol and toilet bowl cleaner can only kill you in large quantities, and I’m pretty sure dish soap can’t kill you at all. Following the incident, Bradley took her dogs to the vet to make sure they didn’t contract any of the venereal diseases Walters has — if you weren’t thoroughly squicked out by this point — and the dogs reportedly only suffered “minor injuries.” I would like to thank a kind and benevolent god for the sparing of those details.

Here’s the local news segment in all its insanity. Mad props to KOAT’s Matt Howerton on the hard hitting way he catches toilet bowl cleaner and dish soap in the middle of a recorded taping:

(Via Dangerous Minds)