This Woman Beat Up Her Boyfriend For Refusing A Quickie In A Mexican Restaurant Bathroom

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An Illinois woman has been charged with domestic battery after her boyfriend allegedly refused to have sex in a Mexican restaurant bathroom.

There is a whole lot of crazy to unpack here, but the trouble started before Stephanie Miller and her boyfriend Matthew Slattery even arrived at El Burrito Loco. They began their night at Sullivan’s Irish Pub, but left after Miller allegedly started throwing sandwiches, opting for the nearby El Burrito Loco instead:

As detailed by Midlothian Police Department officers, Slattery, 26, said that he was in the Mexican eatery’s bathroom when Miller entered and began taking off her clothes. While stripping, Miller was “asking Matthew to have sex with her,” cops noted.

When Slattery declined to engage in 8 PM bathroom sex at a burrito joint, Miller allegedly “became upset and struck Matthew’s head off the wall while he was utilizing the restroom.”

According to officers, Miller was intoxicated when they arrived, and she had a bottle of prescription painkillers in her purse. On closer inspection, there was another woman’s name on the bottle, which got Miller a drug possession charge on top of domestic battery.

If Slattery’s version of events is true, this is the story that D.A.R.E. should be using to keep kids off of drugs. Someone would have to be completely out of their mind to want to have sex in a Mexican restaurant bathroom.

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Source: The Smoking Gun