This YouTuber Is Taking To The Internet To Find ‘A Good Man’ For His Single Mother

05.12.15 4 years ago

YouTuber Alex Norgay is putting everyone’s Mother’s Day gifts to shame by helping his mother find the love of her life.

His mother Eva loves yoga, playing tennis, traveling, a good beer, and spending time with her family. Overall, Eva seems like a lovely person and the kind of woman that any man would be lucky to love, and she has given her blessing for this unusual online dating experiment.

Norgay has asked that anyone who would like to get in touch with Eva, or anyone who thinks they know someone who would be right for her, to email him at To narrow down the candidates, he is also asking that people include a picture or a video that tells a little bit more about themselves and why they would be a good match for Eva.

Good luck to Eva in her search for love. If all goes well, maybe she will find someone to keep up with her active lifestyle. With all her cross-country skiing, biking, swimming, and dancing, she probably gets more exercise than people half her age.

Source: The Daily Dot

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