ANOTHER! Marvel Lining Up The Team For ‘Thor 3’

Thor and Thor: The Dark World have grossed over $1 billion worldwide, and Captain America 3 is already in the works, so it’s to be expected that Marvel would have only one thing to say about Thor movies.

The Wrap reports Marvel has hired two writers for Thor 3, Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle. Christopher Yost co-wrote Thor: The Dark World and co-wrote several X-Men comics with Craig Kyle (New X-Men, X-23: Innocence Lost, X-Force). Craig Kyle co-created the X-Men character X-23. He also executive produced Thor: The Dark World and has produced and written many animated series for Marvel.

In other words, both writers have nerd cred and have already worked on the Thor franchise. As for the plot of Thor 3, Hitfix thinks it may be time for Ragnarok.

If my sources are correct, the end of Age Of Ultron sets up a difficult situation for Thor as Midgard and Asgard find themselves looking at a possible war. Could we be looking at the beginning of Ragnarok, brought on by Loki in the guise of Odin? Could the third film find Thor having to fight against the realm that he’s spent so much time defending?

Please let Thor and Heimdall team up to cancel the apocalypse.

GIFs via What Should We Call Swing Dance and Unmarvel.