Honest Trailers Takes The Hammer To ‘Thor: The Dark World’ And Thor’s Snuggie

Screen Junkies of Honest Trailers fame already took the hammer to Thor. Now they’re back with an honest trailer for Thor: The Dark World filled with plenty of snark and an awesome Portal reference.

“Thor is back in another perfectly adequate Marvel movie that pleasantly killed a few hours of your time with enough cool visuals, action, and humor to keep you from wondering, Why does the elf man want to shoot magic Kool-Aid into the sky holes?” says trailer voice guy in the video. Say what you will, Thor and Thor: The Dark World have grossed over $1 billion and ANOTHER is on the way.

On the other hand, trailer voice guy continues, “Watch as the mighty Thor mopes around Asgard in a Snuggie because he’s still hung up on a girl he spent one long weekend with and hasn’t called in two years.”

*Looks at banner picture* Asgardian Snuggies are fancy.

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Via Laughing Squid