Thor: The Nitpicks

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05.09.11 7 Comments

So, if you didn’t torrent it from Australia, you probably saw Thor this weekend. We won’t bother with an overall review since there are bazillions of those. But there were a few points we wanted to bring up about the God of Thunder’s cinematic debut.

For the sake of spoilers, we’ll put everything under a cut, but if you’ve got something you loved or hated, let us know in the comments.

Kenneth Branaugh was a great choice for director: his fingerprints are all over this movie, and really kept it from being just another TV pilot with a bigger budget like some Marvel movies (I’m looking right at you, “The Incredible Hulk”).

That said, somebody really should have realized that the opening is kind of slow at first, especially compared to the rest of the movie. I was dreading it was going to be a serious, humorless, grandiose slog. But fortunately, once Thor gets depowered it becomes a lot better.

One thing the trailers didn’t mention, at all, was just how damn funny this movie is. Seriously, even Heimdall gets a funny moment. Personal favorite: the drinking contest.

Also welcome: Loki having an actual character arc. They didn’t really set up why he wanted to destroy Jotunheim as well as they could, but it was still nice to see an antagonist who was actually, you know, developed.

So, what about you?

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