The Vince Vaughn Stock Photos May Have Claimed Their First Victim: A Canadian Newspaper

This week, Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco did their best to break the internet by releasing some pretty questionable photos. Granted, the pictures weren’t of a nude Vaughn giving us a champagne-slathered booty shot, but they did feature the Unfinished Business stars posing in the same kind of ridiculously corny stock photos that have brought about the ruin of even the most put-together PowerPoint presentations. Apparently it was all part of a promotional stunt for their new film. Or perhaps it’s a deeper commentary on the inner workings of the corporate world. Who knows?

While the pure genius of this movie marketing campaign can’t be denied, some people might not have gotten the memo that these photos are, in fact, fake.

The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, published this article on how CEO’s should handle the millennial generation taking over the workforce. In case you’re interested in that, here’s the gist: we’re here, we’ll be running this sh*t soon, get over it.

The article is well-researched and the journalist who wrote it no doubt dedicated plenty of time to it, but the photo chosen to head the story wasn’t your typical, generic stock image. Instead, it was one of the Getty and iStock images of Franco, wearing a crappy oversized suit and smirking at a meaningless bar graph. Oops?

Unless, of course, it was intentional. In that case, well played, Globe and Mail!

UPDATE: It appears as though the Globe and Mail’s use of the photo was intentional.