Thousands Of Tumblr Users Fall For Obviously Fake Photo Of Natalie Portman With Her Baby


As you may have heard, Natalie Portman had a baby yesterday in what seems like the shortest term for a celebrity pregnancy ever. Anyway, last night someone posted a pic of Portman in a hospital bed (see above) with a baby that has since been liked and reblogged thousands of times. Among the countless notes people have added along the way are stuff like, “of course she’s still that gorgeous, and aww baby boy, so cute,” and “She’s even beautiful after labor. Not fair.”

Problem is, the pic being circulated is a still from the cheesy 2003 film, “Where The Heart Is,” which should be obvious — are newborns ever that wide-eyed? Also, that kid is pretty f*cking big in comparison to Portman — her vagina would have to have the elasticity of a python’s jaw to pass that thing through it. Geez, people…COME ON!

So not only is Tumblr painfully white, it’s also obviously quite gullible.

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