Thousands Of Women Are Hosting A Dance Party For This Guy Who Got Body-Shamed

Need another reason why cell phones at concerts are the worst thing since an opening band for the opening band? Not only do they block people’s views, they’re also being used to take pictures of people who want to dance, then feel embarrassed once they know they’re being watched. In the picture above on the left, a man is having a great time at an unidentified show; on the right, he’s Charlie Brown’ing. This before-and-after was on 4chan with the uploader writing, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

The image eventually made it to Imgur — OP: “If you’re out there big man, f*ck those kids. Keep dancing.” — and Twitter, where Cassandra Fairbanks put out a call to find the dancing machine.

That something special?

The campaign caught on, and the next day, he was found!

And he’s coming to L.A. “for a dance party of a lifetime.”

Ladies (and one lucky guy) only. Might I suggest this for the first dance?

Via BuzzFeed