Here Are The Crazy Details Of The Three-Boobed Woman And The Man She Kept As A Sex Slave

The story of Jasmine Tridevil, the woman with three boobs, keeps getting stranger and stranger by the day. According to 18-year-old Micheal Squier, Tridevil a.k.a. Alisha Hessler, tied him up after a first date and carved her name into his chest. The incident occurred about 4 months ago, long before Tridevil’s alleged hoax went viral.

The teenager claims Ms Hessler, who also goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil, tied him up, flogged him and forced him to sleep in a dog’s cage after they met on the internet and bonded over a shared interest in sex fetishes. ‘She turned me into a slave, beat me and humiliated me. I am physically scarred for life and live with the shame of what she has done to me.’

Note to self: don’t hook up with three-boobed woman with a dog cage sex fetish. Got it.

But he said he stayed for just two and half weeks before he fled her ‘house of horrors’ – which he said includes a torture room filled with sex toys, whips and chains.

The teenager also said that she tied him to a wooden post outside her home, where she flogged him.

50 Shades of WTF is going on here?! But wait there’s more. Squier says the three boobs are a hoax and he personally witnessed Tridevl gluing the prosthetic to her body every morning.

So, just to review here:

1) You meet on a woman on the internet
2) She says she has three boobs
3) She carves your name in your chest
4) She beats you, locks you in a cage
5) You stick around for a month

Yeah, this is going to be made into a movie. Mark my words.

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