Three Clips From Failed “Wonder Woman” Pilot Make Everything Clear

We already broke down the Wonder Woman TV show’s terrible.  It’s like they tried to make a campy, low-budget ’90s TV show like Xena but forgot the self-deprecating humor.  Being campy and cheap-looking doesn’t work when it’s presented as something serious.  The chase on foot in the first clip is sped up so much I thought the video was damaged.  The lasso looks like an inexperienced intern made it in After Effects.  When she visits a guy in the hospital, she says his name over and over which Albert Brooks would tell you is sloppy writing.

Also, what audience were they going for?  The directing style, lighting, and set design says “cheesy family show” and yet Wonder Woman jabs a syringe in a guys neck and kills another by jamming a pipe into his jugular (and we get to see his dead face).  Pretty violent for primetime programming which parents would assume they can let their kids watch.  Speaking of which, the third clip is probably NSFW because Wonder Woman is cussing about her breasts in a business meeting, which I totally remember happening in the comics.  The third clip also reminds us why no one should ever film Cary Elwes from that angle again.  Terrifying.

[via Blastr]