Three Lucky Cities Will Get To Call Optimus Prime On Uber

We’ve all wanted to ride in a Transformer, although preferably only in vehicle mode. And, thanks to the joys of apps and cross-promotion, we’ll soon be able to. Well, some of us, in three cities.

It’s pretty simple, according to Uber: Today in Dallas, on the 19th in Phoenix, and the 21st in Los Angeles, from 1 to 7pm, just download Uber, select the Autobots option, pin your location, and press… what else? Roll Out. Optimus Prime will, in theory, show up to your location and take you somewhere. We’re assuming some place you’ve always wanted to go, but hey, if you want to ride Optimus to the grocery store, live your dream.

That said, expect a lot of demand; there’s precisely one truck, and a six hour window, so a lot of people will be trying to get a ride with the leader of the Autobots. The good news, especially if you’re nowhere near those cities, is that other Autobots might be available at a later date. But, for now, it’s just Optimus. Which is a good thing because, really, nobody wants to ride in Bumblebee.