Who Wants To Watch This Perfect Throwback Thursday Video Of The Drunkest Guy Ever?

Warning: Video may be slightly NSFW… Or NSFL (not safe for life). Possibly both.

Out of the vaults of YouTube, I present you with the above video, which has been quietly existing since January of 2006 — nearly 10 entire years! — waiting for the internet to find it. Think about that. In internet time, a decade is like what, a century?

Anyway, the video, succinctly titled “Don’t Ever Get This Drunk,” has finally found its way to Reddit, where it’s being given a brand new lease on life. Every single thing about it has the makings of a great viral video — the puking into the glass; the triumphant “woo!” he gives just before throwing back the now puke-filled glass; the self-satisfied chuckle he shares with himself after he pukes for the second time; the finger swirl… It’s practically art.

I wonder what ever became of Drunk Guy. Nowadays, a video of a kid throwing a temper tantrum over some mac and cheese goes viral, and within hours, everyone knows his name and where he lives. This guy could be anywhere. He could be dead! (Sorry, that’s morbid.) Personally, I’d like to think he’s still out there somewhere having fun, drunk, pukey times.

(Via Reddit)

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