‘Thug Kitchen’ Wants You To Eat Healthy Grub Like A ‘F*ckin’ Champ,’ Not A Chump

On “Method Man,” the most vicious of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)‘s many vicious tracks, Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA professes that he “don’t eat Skippy, Jif, and Peter Pan.” Is he rapping about how he’s not soft as (peanut) butter, or maybe, just maybe, that he doesn’t like jelly’s other half because of all those calories? Well, probably the former, but don’t tell that to Thug Kitchen, a healthy recipe website that implores you to “eat like you give a f*ck.”

Sample recipe, for agua fresca: “Toss all that sh*t in a blender and zap it. F*cking done. Some people strain the blended fruit for pulp, which makes the consistency more watery. I like some pulp in that sh*t. Every sip reminds me what I’m drinking isn’t gasoline.” Every food show should be like this. Here are some more healthy eating ideas.