Tit For Tat: T.I. Puts Azealia Banks On Blast Over Tiny Diss

Update: We’re putting this video at the top to avoid anyone having to scroll all the way to the bottom to view it.

On Tuesday, T.I. sat down with RapFix and Ms. Banks’ name entered the conversation. Tip turns into Clifford to say that “Ever since this person has been introduced into the community, they’ve done nothing but unnecessarily kick up dirt.” He also advises her to put on a mask and burn her baby pictures. Burn slow.

On Monday, T.I. released his latest Paperwork single, “No Mediocre,” featuring Iggy Azalea. Who really know why it rankled her so but Azealia Banks has had a long-running feud with Iggy which carried over to Tip since Azalea is a Grand Hustle artist. So, she decided to send a subtweet at T.I. and Tiny ended up being collateral damage. She later deleted the tweet, but not before the Internet grabbed a screenshot.

Tiny caught wind of Banks’ wisecracks and replied with a meme that used an image of Rihanna, the queen of the clapback, with the words “I mean damn bitch. Can you ever just worry about yourself?”

While Tiny played coy, T.I. didn’t spare Banks any sympathy. Clifford dumped a 500-gallon drum of ether on Banks via Instagram.

“U musty-mouthed-thot-bot-bad-body-syphilis-lipped-rectum-vomit-unimportant-ugggggly-monstrosity-of-a-maggot-ass BIIIIIIIITCCHHHH!!!!!! If u speak ill of my family again….. I WILL END YOU!!!!!! #OnPHIL #OnDOE #NoBuuulllshit people fall down stairs daily…. U better watch yo step,u ungly-ass Gremlin-baby #nerveofdisCretin #fuckouttahea”

Since then, Azealia’s spent the rest of her night and morning ranting about T.I. to her Twitter followers.

True, the couple’s marriage seems to be on shaky ground but they’re still married and Tip’s still defending his lady’s name. He’s gone at Floyd, now Banks. If it works, maybe Robin Thicke should consider following T.I.’s lead and try a more aggressive approach.

Most would consider the lightweight beef between Azealia and Iggy to be done since Iggy long stopped feeding into Banks’ want for attention. On the flipside exists Azealia who seems to be trapped in label purgatory last we checked. Then there’s her recent chart success, too, that would make Banks less of a concern. For someone who hasn’t had a hit, Azaelea sure thinks she’s the shit.