Tian Tian The Panda Is Clearly Loving Winter Storm Jonas’ Effect On The National Zoo

Blizzards can be fun, at least when you’re a panda. You may not believe that, especially if you just came inside after trying to shovel your front walk or driveway. But there’s proof that it’s true in the form of one of the National Zoo’s more famous residents, Tian Tian the panda.

The zoo (along with pretty much the entire rest of the city) is closed for the weekend as Snowzilla — as dubbed by The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang — carves a path through the Metro area. But that didn’t stop someone from getting some quality footage of Tian Tian loving him some massive snow drifts.

Take heart, those of you trapped inside right now. It’s cool to go outside and play in the snow. You can even bite your foot with joy, we won’t judge. Tian Tian won’t either. Might even join you if you give him the chance.

(Via Smithsonian)