This Massive 18-Foot Shark Will Ensure You Never Go In The Water Again

A massive shark was killed off the New South Wales coastline in Australia, and, somewhere out there, Cecil the Lion weeps. Debate is raging over photos that recently went viral online of an 18-foot tiger shark that, according to fisherman Geoff Brooks, was guilty of a “local attack.”

Brooks is the one who put the pictures on Facebook, writing, “originally told this was caught off a 7-mile beach over the weekend, body apparently handed to [Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation],” but he wouldn’t take responsibility for doing the actual killing.

“Matthew” will, though.

A HUGE Tiger shark caught off Tweed Heads last month swallowed a six foot Hammerhead shark just before it was pulled aboard, said Tweed Coast fisherman Matthew.

“I was fighting the Hammerhead and he came up and swallowed it,” he said. The four metre shark was caught about three weeks ago, 14 miles off Tweed Heads. (Via)

The pictures of the shark above (which Geoff says, “Yes, it’s real”) are the ones Matthew used to verify its species. No one’s exactly sure what happened to the body, with conflicting reports saying that it was either handed over to the CSIRO or Bitey — I’m calling him Bitey now — was sent to fish markets. Except the jaws, which Matthew kept. Either way, #TeamDryLand.

(Via Northern Star)