Tila Tequila Started A GoFundMe Because Hey, Why Not?

If 2015 was the year Tila Tequila used occasional 15-minute bouts of fame to espouse her love of all things Hitler, then 2016 might be the year she tries to pull a “Kim Kardashian” and break the Internet. Well, she’s off to a head start with last week’s Twitter rant about the Earth actually being a flat circle (instead of a round sphere in space). And now that her GoFundMe page is back in action, everything might actually break down.

“Wait a minute,” you’re probably thinking. “Why the hell did Tila Tequila make a GoFundMe page? What charity is she raising money for?”

Good question. The answer? Herself.

Titled “Getting a new home and furniture,” Tequila’s attempt at self-charity endeavors to raise enough money so that she and her daughter can afford to leave their current home for another, more cost-effective one.

“The reason why I am creating this GoFundMe campaign is because they have raised the rent at my old home to $4,500 a month, and being a single mother without any support from the father, it can sometimes be very tough taking care of 2 people with only a 1 person income.

“So right now I need to raise some money so that I can move into my new home and get it furnished for my daughter and I. The last apt I was at came fully furnished and that’s why it was so expensive, but I’d rather save money for my daughter than keep wasting money each month like that. So I basically need to buy all the furniture and beddings from scratch to start over if we are to move. It is going to cost a lot to start off, and that is why I am asking you all for your help!”

She emphasizes the fact that it’s just her and her daughter, as she’s “a single mother without any support from the father,” but doesn’t offer any specifics regarding her current income or financial status. Only that, without the support of the other parent, she and her daughter are struggling to make enough to live in a $4,500/month home.

So far, the campaign has surpassed its $2,500 goal by more than $100 in just four days. Tequila was so excited, she posted an update on Friday in which she promised to “give everyone who donated to our cause a personal phone call… as soon as I return from filming in Las Vegas.”

As for the counteroffer that usually accompanies crowdfunding campaigns, Tequila promises donors “a live tour of our new home and the beautiful furniture.” That, and the Good Lord’s many blessings.

(Via Tila Tequila)

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