Tim Burton Almost Gave Us A Very British Pierce Brosnan Batman

Pierce Brosnan became a household name as the ’90s incarnation of James Bond, but the smooth-talking actor was almost cast as another equally badass hero — yes, Pierce Brosnan was almost Batman.

Here’s what Brosnan had to say about his close brush with the Dark Knight in a recent Reddit AMA

“I went and met with Tim Burton for the role of Batman, but I just couldn’t really take it seriously, any man who wears his underpants outside his pants just cannot be taken seriously. That was my foolish take on it. It was a joke, I thought. But how wrong was I? Don’t get me wrong, because I love Batman, and I grew up on Batman. As a kid in Ireland, we used to get our raincoats and tie them round our neck and swing through the bicycle shed.”

Holy missed opportunities Batman.

I dunno, the prospect of James Bond playing Batman seems a little odd at first, but Brosnan certainly looked the part. I dare say he might have been a better Bruce Wayne than Michael Keaton. Certainly better than George Clooney.