Tim Kaine Is Everyone’s Dad After His Endearingly Dorky DNC Speech

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Tim Kaine’s relatively scandal-free existence stands as one of the many reasons why he’s an ideal running mate in an election cycle that’s chock full of controversy. We also live in a time when politics doubles as entertainment, so criticisms of Kaine being “boring” run amuck.

However, Kaine was anything but dull during his Wednesday Democratic convention speech, which saw him put on his best Donald Trump impression before tearing down the real estate mogul’s character. The internet also embraced Kaine for his all-encompassing aura as the dad next door. He seems like the kind of guy who’d be an awesome father — one that you’d secretly hang out with, but never admit to liking in front of your cool friends. To be entirely fair, he probably wears Crocs at home while arranging the plastic pink flamingos in his front yard, but he also must host the best cookouts.

Although Kaine would never steal your girlfriend like Joe Biden, he made his own splash with an endearingly dorky vibe. In response, social media filled itself with a plethora of dad jokes.

This Twitter user wants to tweak the subject with a very special Wikileaks request, for photos of young dad Tim Kaine are also drawing attention.

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