Time To Amend Your Christmas Lists: A Burger Making Robot Has Been Invented

Well that’s it, all hope for lowering unemployment is dead — somebody’s gone and invented a burger-making robot that’s going to put 95% of the teenage workforce permanently out of a job.

This machine, named “Burgeon” does it all — it makes the patties, grills the meat, toasts the buns and applies the toppings. It can make around 360 burgers an hour. I don’t have exact figures in front of me, but I’d say that’s at least triple the capabilities of even the most productive high school dropout.

Thankfully Burgeon is just a fairly standard looking food factory assembly-line machine, not a terrifying, red-eyed, T100-esque, burger flipping monstrosity. So, you know, you can still invite people over after you install one in your apartment.

via Geekologie