Bring In The New Year With This Video Mashup Of Every Single Times Square Ball Drop Since 2000 At Once

12.30.15 2 years ago

You probably know New York City’s Times Square best for its glamorous Olive Garden, but did you know that this tourist magnet is good for more than internationally respected Italian cuisine? It’s true!

As New Year’s Eve comes to bring revelry to your heart and extract a vodka surplus from your poor stomach, WorldWideInterweb has compiled a video of MAXIMUM NYE indulgence. The video you see located at the top of the post features every single Times Square ball drop countdown since 2000. Not in succession, mind you. Every single Auld Lang Syne unlocking countdown is ticked down at the exact same time with all 16 (16!) celebrations happening in one dizzy package. Will this mega-sized video enable you to pop a cork and get sad drunk in the tub any night of the week? That’s between you and your resolution list.

There are no big curveballs in this Megazord of an NYE clip. The ball never flies away, persons of varying attractiveness sneak in a midnight kiss and the pockets of Big Confetti get lined for another year. Still, it’s a surreal sight to see every single Times Square celebration from the Lou Bega era onwards woven together as a combo experience.

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