Tinder Has Crashed, Which Might Make Life Hard For Millennials Looking To Hook Up This Holiday Weekend

Shutterstock / Tinder

The modern world of dating is fast-paced and digital, meaning the risk is always there that things could fall apart at a moment’s notice if someone is away from their keyboard or facing a lack internet connectivity. Tinder is currently giving users a taste of this reality, crashing whenever a user attempts to open the app and forcing them to seek other methods to find their true love (or random, dirty hookup).

As of 11 pm EST, the service is still giving many trouble and they’re getting vocal about it online:

One thing that is clear with all of these Tinder lamentations is that dating is a depressing mess. Not only is there clearly some horrible people out there, like all of those who decided to match with a guy after he changed his name from Ahmad to Nick — 28 matches in four days — but there’s also a ton of people out there who seem to have concocted a whole lot of hoops and rules to fly through when swiping through the app. Then there’s the freaks and weirdos, who are welcome but offputting for some.

And that’s just Tinder. There’s a reason we get to see so many horror stories from the free dating sites like Plenty of Fish or OK Cupid. Imagine if we finally get that EMP you’ve been wishing for all these years. It’s going to be one depressing, dateless mess.

(Via Mashable)