The Tiny Dads Phenomenon Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Regular-Sized Dads

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02.08.13 6 Comments

In an effort to brighten the day of his fellow Redditors pro photographer afdlips shared his latest muse:

“My newest hobby has been taking peoples family photos and shrinking their dads in half…”

And so “Tiny Dads” or “Shrinking Dads” or “Small Dads” or whatever the hell adjective you want to use became a thing, bringing joy to all across the Reddit landscape. Many began to inundate the OP with requests to have their own fathers tiny-fied and he selflessly obliged. I imagine their will be some sort of manual karma adjustment for this sort of internet wizardry.
My favorite part — besides goofy dads looking even goofier — is scrolling through these and pretending the families were in on it all along. Because look at those faces and tell me they weren’t! Illuminati!
Reddit via Gawker

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