Tiny, Tiny Crossbow Has Big, Big Heart

04.19.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

The last time we met up with jewelry designer, T. Shamir, not a whole lot was known about the guy, except for the fact that he enjoyed firing off mini cannons dangerously close to his computer monitor. Well, now T. Shamir is back and you can bet your balls that he’s, once again, brought the miniature hand of justice along with him -this time in the form of a custom, pygmy-sized crossbow, complete with a 22K gold pistol grip, a solid silver body, steel strings and even a tiny, oh so cute, little aiming sight.

T. Shamir explains:

“This miniature crossbow works in exactly the same way as the common full-size hunting crossbow,” he says, “but in terms of power to weight ratio, the mini crossbow is almost 4X stronger.” [TheDailyWh.at]

In the video after the jump, our man causes all kinds of mayhem demonstrating the effectiveness of the mini crossbow, even escalating to the point of firing off tiny flaming rounds at wall-mounted targets. Kind of seem a little unsafe, if you ask me, but who the hell am I to tell a dude with a shrunken crossbow what to do? I just work here.

[via TheDailyWh.at]

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