People Are Photoshopping Donald Trump Down To A More Appropriate ‘Fun’ Size

Getty Image

If there’s one thing Donald Trump takes very, very seriously it’s his stature, as the man we now call our president been obsessively fixated for years by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter once writing that his hands were “small and neatly groomed” in a 1984 GQ profile. And suffice to say, that Saturday Night Live “tiny desk” gag featuring a grim reaper version of Steve Bannon did not go over well behind the scenes at the White House.

So it’s only fitting that a Subreddit has surfaced called “Tiny Trumps,” in which users take photos and situations involving Donald Trump and make him more… shall we say, “appropriately sized.” Like a tiny fun-sized Halloween candy bar! A Halloween candy bar with a rancid, sour filling.

And it’s only fitting, because Trump has shown us time and time again that he essentially has the temperament of an toddler — Thursday’s impromptu press conference the crown jewel shining example — so why don’t we just make him the size of one? (Or in some cases, even smaller!) On a related note, you know, for someone as tall as Trump is, he might be the first person in history with a Napoleon complex standing at six foot two. Let’s fix this.

On meeting with Obama:

Signing a big boy executive order:

Looking like an adorable tyrant being escorted by Secret Service:

Meeting Justin Trudeau:

With his doting wife Melania:

Literally in Putin’s palm:

“Hey there little fella!”

Giving the media a tiny dressing down:

Needing a chair at the debate:

Standing small with Abe:

Does someone have a poopy diaper?

And finally, the tiniest Trump of them all: