Someone Is Going Around Leaving Massive ‘Tips For Jesus’ At Restaurants All Over The U.S.

I’d like to think that if I were fabulously wealthy I’d go around doing stuff like this: someone has been going around leaving massive tips at bars and restaurants around the country. The evidence is being collected on an Instagram account: Tips For Jesus.

Reports CNews:

Since September, someone in the U.S. has been leaving massive tips for servers and it has all been documented on the Instagram account TipsForJesus.

The tips range from $500 on a $24 bill to $10,000 on a bill for $2,979. Most are in Hollywood, but photos also show a server with a big smile on his face holding a receipt with a large tip in Ann Arbour, Mich.

The 18 posts on the Instagram account that show receipts add up to $54,100.

It’s been noted that the mysterious big tipper appears to be a an LA-based college football fan — possibly a USC fan — as some of the tips have occurred in college towns on days where football games were being played. Is that you, Will Ferrell?

(CNews via Daily Dot)