Titan Has An Underground Ocean?

Saturn has a lot of moons: sixty of them, in fact. But Titan stands out, because it might have what only one other moon has: liquid water.

A ton of it, in fact. Not that we’ve actually been on Titan, since it’s not exactly a short trip, but we have sent probes and crunched some numbers, and the odds are pretty good Titan has an underground ocean under its tough outer shell, with a solid center.

Basically, it’s Galactus’ version of a peanut M&M.

Basically, Titan’s orbit and rotation don’t make sense if it’s completely solid, but do if it’s packing an ocean under its icy crust. We got this data from Cassini, a probe you might remember hippies got all pissed off about because it was plutonium powered and did a gravitational slingshot around the Earth.

Why should we care? Because where there’s liquid water there is, quite possibly, life. So we’ll be visiting Titan in person, possibly with some pickling jars and a drill, to see what might be hiding beneath its icy exterior.

[ via the sirens of Titan at Space ]