‘Titans’ Gets A Cast List And It’s Heavy On The Dick Grayson

As you might be aware, TNT has taken a break from developing sassy female detective shows and is currently developing Titans, which stars DC’s most beloved superteam (if we’re going by the quality of their cartoons). But which Teen Titans will we see?

The Nerdist has a breakdown, and it’s actually a fairly ’90s line-up we’ve got here. Oddly, some characters will have code names, but others won’t. To wit…

  • Dick Grayson: He’s no longer a Robin, but not yet a Nightwing. He’s broken up with Batman and is currently working as a detective in Boston when the pilot starts. If this sounds familiar, it’s because a new Nightwing arc always starts with him breaking up with somebody and moving to a new city.
  • Barbara Gordon: This is Babs in Oracle mode; she’ll serve as the computer hacker/source of romantic tension between her and Dick. Which is good, because all these “Babs longs for Dick” jokes I’ve got need homes.
  • Hawk And Dove: This is the “spunky romantic pairing” iteration of the concept, where they’re a bickering couple who also happen to have the power of the Lords of Chaos and Order, respectively.
  • Raven: Angsty teleporting empath, as usual.
  • Starfire: Apparently only shows up at the end of the episode, but is fairly faithful to the comics, in that she’s orange, has green eyes, and shoots energy bolts. Whether her stripperific outfits from the comics will be around is apparently still to be determined, but it seems likely Koriand’r will also be interested in Dick.

Most interesting here is the fact that it’s a woman-heavy team. It is apparently unlikely the show will introduce anybody else to the team, especially since Cyborg’s all fancy and on the Justice League now, and the Flash has his own series. It’s also up in the air as to whether this particular show will be a part of the DC TV universe or stand alone as its own thing.

Honestly, it’s an interesting lineup and provided the show tries to set a proper tone, and finds a use for every character, it could be a fun ensemble superhero show. But if nothing else, it will at least finally bring some non-animated Titans to the screen. And allow us to make more jokes about Dick.