T.J. Miller Has A Perfect Reaction To News Of A Man Touching His Eggplant Emoji During The ‘Emoji Movie’

Police in Howell, New Jersey are searching for the worst punchline ever to a joke that starts with “a man walks into a movie theater…” According to News 12 NJ, a woman watching The Emoji Movie with her children at the Xscape Movie Theater saw a man sitting alone in the back row of the theater with his hands down his pants, which were reportedly unbuttoned and unzipped. Insert all of the eggplant emoji jokes here, folks.

The woman, who justifiably freaked out being that this is a children’s movie (although with a name like “Xscape” it’s understandable if he was merely confused), went to the manager who asked the man to leave, however she later called police to report the incident.

Police have released a photo of the suspect. He is described as a white, heavyset man in his 20s or 30s. He was wearing a white dress shirt, black pants and a yarmulke on his head. He also had facial hair.

Meanwhile, T.J. Miller, star of The Emoji Movie, caught wind of what happened and naturally had the most T.J. Miller reaction ever to the whole thing.

Someone should have probably raised an eyebrow in the first place when a grown-ass adult man was seen attending a movie marketed primarily towards children by himself — beleaguered film critics notwithstanding.