‘TMNT’ Co-Creator Kevin Eastman Is Selling His Earliest Turtle Art For $2 Million

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07.24.14 2 Comments

With a brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise set to debut on the big screen on August 8 and the original comic book series celebrating its 30th anniversary, co-creator Kevin Eastman decided that it was time to clear some clutter out of his own personal sewers. While the details of the sale are still largely unknown – like when he’s selling it or if it’s just a matter of “Hi, I have $2 million, I’d like that turtle drawing, please” – Eastman is currently promoting it through his personal website, while Variety reports that details will eventually be available on the Heavy Metal website.

Eastman says that some of the money from the sale will go to charity, but asking “How much and what charity?” only adds more vagueness at this point. The bottom line is if you have a ton of cash burning a hole in your money vault and you want a piece of pizza-loving history on your wall, Eastman has the deal for you.

“After 30 years of owning it, I think it is time to find a new home,” Eastman said. “We have a bunch of different charities we work with, and want to spread some turtle cheer to them. It just feels like the right time to let it go.” (Via Variety)

If Eastman has anything in the “$1-100” price range and welcomes a payment plan, I’d be willing to pick up a piece of history as well. Or, if he’s willing to shout, “Hey look over there!” while I drive off in Pizza Hut’s pizza thrower, that would be pretty rad, too.

Meanwhile, I’m selling a piece of my own turtle art collection. For just $1 million, you can purchase this turtle that I drew for my college application years ago. Please address bids and inquiries to HotBulge69@geocities.biz.

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