TMZ Wants To Know Which Murder Suspect You’d Rather Bang Because Ugh

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Jodi Arias was just found guilty of murder today and it was big news because Nancy Grace obsessed over it for months. Arias became the latest in the weird category of “Celebrity Due To The Fact She Is Young And Cute And May Or May Not Have Killed Someone” along the likes of Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox and whoever tried to frame OJ for the crime he obviously didn’t commit because the glove was too small, stupid.

This news has provoked TMZ to ask one of the great questions of our time along with “Who Shot JR?” and “Is This A Picture Of Katy Perry Or Zooey Deschanel?” They asked which celebrity murder suspect you’d rather have sex with between Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias. The post even comes with a poll for you to pick which maybe-killer you’d rather sleep with because you’re normal and well-adjusted.

The best part is the “so we gotta ask” because no, TMZ, you absolutely don’t gotta ask. In fact, being a normal human being means you probably shouldn’t ask.

Oh yeah, 70,000 people have voted. [/believing in humanity]