"Toasted Skin Syndrome" Another Term For "Stupid"

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So, if you’re working on your laptop for a while, and you feel uncomfortable with it placed on your bare thighs…what do you do? Use a laptop desk, which costs twenty bucks and can be found at any Target? Close the computer for a while? Go place it on a table and sit there? Or do you leave it on your bare thighs for hours at a time, even though it’s hot?

Guess which option the sufferers of “toasted skin syndrome” chose?

“Toasted skin syndrome” (erythema ab igne) is what it sounds like; skin discoloration due to long-term exposure to concentrated heat (kind of gross picture here). It’s essentially harmless, although media reports on it will probably blow the boogety-boogety spectre of cancer all out of proportion (for those wondering, the damage might maybe possibly kinda sorta cause enough damage that you might get skin cancer, but you have to really toast your skin.)

To be fair, this isn’t a new syndrome, only it used to happen to people who worked in high temperatures all day long; manly men doing manly things like stoking furnaces and making glass. Now it’s the province of people too stupid to realize that putting a 125-degree object on their skin for hours might not be a good idea. What leaps we’ve made as a society.

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