Tobias Funke On The Cover Of ‘Playgirl’

It wouldn’t have been unreasonable for you to assume that Dr. Seuss version of Ron Swanson would be the best piece of fan art we’d post here today at UPROXX. Seeing as how awesome it is, you’d have been completely reasonable to assume such.

However, a challenger has emerged: Arrested Development‘s Tobias Funke on the cover of a fake copy of the January 2012 issue of Playgirl. When you really stop and think about it, Tobias on the cover of Playgirl is pretty perfect — America’s most beloved ambiguously gay television character adorning the front of America’s most ambiguously gay magazine (Seriously, have you ever known a girl who reads this mag…it’s circulation consists almost entirely of gay men).

In other words, Tobias and Playgirl are really perfect for each other, and this Tuesday is better off for their being paired together. Now if someone would just go downstairs into my kitchen, pour me a drink and bring it up to me because I’m too lazy to do it myself right now, this Tuesday would be PERFECT!

(WildAnnamal via The Bluth Company)