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We won’t go on too long about the possibility of Neil Gaiman handling a Doctor Who novelization or about his supporting The Onion for a Pulitzer (awesome video below) or about how he accidentally tweeted his hotel room’s location and phone number, because we have an update on American Gods.  Gaiman recently announced he’d be writing at least one more American Gods book, which is just in time since HBO is turning the story into a series spanning 60 to 72 hours of episodes.

Kelly Faircloth at io9 interviewed Gaiman about the tenth anniversary of American Gods and the TV adaptation.  On the HBO show he said this:

I will say that currently the plan is basically the book American Gods is the first season. We have many plans beyond that, but the book will be the first season.

He also hinted at some unused gods which might be brought to America for the next book:

I didn’t get any Greek and Roman gods in, because at the time I couldn’t convince myself there was any particular reason to bring Greek and Roman gods in. Now, a few years ago I read about the discovery of some ancient Roman coins in the mud of the Ohio River, and they’re definitely ancient Roman coins. There are differences of belief as to whether they were coins that somebody hid there and they got lost or whether they date back 2,000 years. But I don’t need any kind of proof on this. All I need is to be able to point to something in the way I could point to the Egyptian stuff. Now I have something that I can hold onto and go, “Well, there is a case now for ancient Romans knocking around America which gives me the whole panoply of Roman gods, too.”

The rest of the interview is at io9 and a video of Gaiman supporting The Onion for The Pulitzer is below (NSFW language).  We need a drop of the last two seconds of this to use as the shut-down sound prompt on our computers:

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