Today’s Life Affirmation Is Brought To You By Basset Hound Clown Car

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03.17.14 3 Comments

Basset Hounds kind of are already like the clowns of the dog world, with their sad silly faces and droopy parts, so it makes perfect sense that they would pull a clown car stunt with a tiny dog house. I’m not even going to ask why this lady owns like a dozen Basset Hounds except to say that despite the overwhelming number of dogs on this property — least protected home ever?

Corgis better step up their game, because if Bassets can keep going strong like this, they might get surpassed as the Internet’s favorite kind of dog. * Looks at some Corgi GIFS* JK you guys, Corgis will always be the Internet’s favorite kind of dog. A valiant effort, though, Bassets.

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